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Orthogenius Gen II Orthopedic pillow Basic package Only Big SALE

Orthogenius Gen II Orthopedic pillow Basic package Only

Product Description
Attention: This is a basic package only (please see other listing on Amazon for the Do-it-Yourself, self adjustable package) The sizes of the pillow on this Amazon page is special made in average sizes and it can fit any adult buyers whose height is between 5'3" to 6' less than 200 lb. If you want more sizes options and combinations, please visit us at
If you keep changing different kinds of pillow and can't find a suitable one, try OrthoGenius Gen II pillow. OrthoGenius pillow is fully customizable and tailor made by us to fit every person. No matter you are a back or side sleeper, you will find the best support point for your sleep.

OrthoGenius Gen II pillow is pride made in the USA to ensure the best quality in craftsmanship and materials. It is sewed and checked by high skilled workers in the USA before leaving the factory. High quality hypoallergenic polyester fiber provides long lasting support and resiliency. Top grade odorless memory foam from USA provide the best support to the cervical spine.

An unique patented design provides multi-points support for either back or side sleeping posture. When sleeping on the back, the middle neck lobe provides good neck support and promotes the healthy cervical lordotic curvature. In addition, the higher side lobes will provide the cheek support when the head tilting sideway. When sleeping on the side, the height of the two side lobes matches exactly your shoulder width to provide better support for side sleeping. the center depression of the pillow can be custom fit the shape of the head for every person in order to reach the perfect angle.

It included varies sizes of memory foam to fit different neck sizes. Please refer to our self-measurement guide from the image or download it from support page

Orthogenius Gen II Orthopedic pillow Basic package Only

Features :
  • Fully custom fit orthopedic pillow made in USA
  • Patented multi-points support
  • Ergonomic shape designed by a doctor
  • For both back and side sleepers
  • Detachable neck lobe for more support options

Orthogenius Gen II Orthopedic pillow Basic package Only

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