Thursday, September 5, 2013

Memory Foam Pillow: The Cozy Cloud Big Discount

Memory Foam Pillow: The Cozy Cloud

Product Description
Shaped like a regular down pillow, but stuffed with hundreds of small pieces of the softest 4lb. density, non-temperature sensitive, U.S. made memory foam, the CozyCloudTM memory foam pillow is quite simply the most comfortable pillow you will ever own! Made in a 27 inch width, this queen size pillow will cradle your body in only the way that high quality memory foam can, but return back to shape. Unlike Down pillows, the CozyCloudTM pillow does not need to be fluffed and will offer you extra support with its superior contouring abilities. The CozyCloudTM pillow is completely machine washable, making it the most versatile and coziest pillow available. Don't accept cheap filler or overseas made substitutes...order the original CozyCloudTM pillow today!

*Please note that we send the pillows in a smaller, compressed package to save you on shipping costs, but the pillow will completely regain it's original shape once opened.

"The CozyCloud pillow is perfect for those sleepers who want a traditional shape design and a softer feel, but want the extra support that comes with a higher grade memory foam. With the extra soft memory foam pieces that hold its shape properly, you won't have to worry about a loss of support. It will work for all sleeping positions and can even excel for back sleepers, so long as you position the pillow under the lower cervical (neck curve) by grabbing the pillow on both sides and pulling it downward. I usually do not recommend traditional shaped pillows, since they tend to push the neck up and out of alignment or have to be constantly fluffed to work properly, but the CozyCloud is the first traditional shape pillow that I have tested that is soft enough, yet supportive enough to really work well for all types of sleepers." -Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.
Vice President Of Product Development

Memory Foam Pillow: The Cozy Cloud

Features :
  • 15 MORE 100% POSITIVE Feedbacks on the CozyCloud and our Company (See Relief-Mart Feedback)
  • Doctor recommended for proper neck support and spinal alignment.
  • Now FREE SHIPPING on the Coziest Pillow your will find!
  • The CozyCloud is the newest & coziest feather like 4lb. Density Memory Foam that is ultra-soft & heat reducing.
  • Machine Washable - 100% Certified USA Memory Foam - 5 Year Warranty - Does Not Need To Be Fluffed.

Memory Foam Pillow: The Cozy Cloud

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