Friday, August 16, 2013

Dust Mite- and Allergen-Proof Pillow; "DreamFill / Premium Microfiber" Big Discount

Dust Mite- and Allergen-Proof Pillow;

Product Description
The MISSION: ALLERGY Premium Microfiber Fabric on the outside of these pillows is the ultimate allergen-barrier, totally effective and silky soft. With a mean pore size of 2 microns it blocks all allergens, yet is air-permeable, making it completely comfortable to sleep on. It is not hot and sweaty, as are barrier-fabrics made with membranes; does not allow any allergen escape, as do many cotton barrier-fabrics; and does not accumulate surface allergen, as do barrier fabrics made with terry cloth or non-woven fabric. These MISSION: ALLERGY Allergen-Proof Pillows are filled with luxurious DreamFill®, ultra-fine fibers that are as soft as silk, with superior lofting quality and a down-like feeling, providing softness, resilience, and comfort. These medical-grade pillows are suitable for adults or children with allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, or allergic eczema (or simply for good hygiene). They are the ultimate non-down, allergen-proof pillow for comfort, protection, and durability. 100% Woven Polyester Microfiber shell; 100% polyester filling. Note: These allergen-proof pillows are available exclusively from MISSION: ALLERGY. Do not confuse them with other pillows sold as "hypoallergenic". The term "hypoallergenic" refers only to the fact that the interior filling of the pillow does not itself cause allergy-not to whether it can become colonized with dust mites! Our pillows have a Premium Microfiber allergen-barrier exterior, and thus cannot become colonized with mites (or bedbugs). They therefore do not require encasing or hot water washing.

"Be sure you get ... from a reputable company, like Mission: Allergy..." THE NEW YORK TIMES "Much Ado About Dust Mites" 3/4/11

"Say sayonara to dust mites. Dr. Fost recommends Mission: Allergy." HEALTH MAGAZINE "How healthy is your bedroom?" 3/9/11

"Skip the cheapie versions...invest in Mission: Allergy Premium Microfiber..." MEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE "Clearing the Air on Allergies" 1/25/12

Dust Mite- and Allergen-Proof Pillow; "DreamFill / Premium Microfiber"

Features :
  • MISSION: ALLERGY brand products are specifically recommended by leading Allergy Specialists and university Allergy Departments. Designed by a Board-Certified Allergist.
  • Medical Grade. Blocks 100% of dust mite and animal dander allergens; third-party tested by Indoor Biotechnologies, Inc. Certified bedbug-proof.
  • Silky soft, tightly woven microfiber outside is air- and water vapor-permeable for comfort, yet water repellant. Does not need encasing.
  • Filled with luxurious DreamFill, ultra-fine fibers that are as soft as silk, for superior lofting quality and a down-like feeling.
  • See Amazon link to Mission:Allergy, detailed seller information, for FAQs and recommendations by leading Allergy Specialists and periodicals

Dust Mite- and Allergen-Proof Pillow;

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