Saturday, July 20, 2013

Eco 3 Series 12" Memory Foam Mattress Big SALE

Eco 3 Series 12

Product Description
Eco 3 Series 12" Memory Foam Mattress. The Eco 3 Series 12" mattress features soft green bamboo print on natural modal memstretch cover. Eco-Memory foam provides comfort for both you and our environment. This mattress series is designed to conform to your specific needs and reduce tossing and turning. Using high quality materials, this softer Eco Series mattress will offer you years of better sleep. Materials: Visco Elastic and Polyurethane core /61% Polyester 37% Bamboo 2% Spandex Cover. Dimensions: 76"L x 39"W x 12"H Weight: 64 lbs

Eco 3 Series 12" Memory Foam Mattress

Features :

Eco 3 Series 12

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